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Here are two songs from the Spotty Dog CD. First a banjo tune called The Ogmore River. And
second a guitar tune called Riding on my BSA.

And here you can find a radio interview I did a while back with local writer Bill Allerton, who runs
Urban Tiger Radio and likes my oldest songs. The link is here.
And here’s a piece by reviewer, David Kidman, about 'Crug Mawr'. The link is here.

A while back I got talking to Richard Hawley in a Sheffield pub - Fagans - across from where Jaco
Precision Tooling used to be. Actually I can pin this down to 2015, shortly after the Hatton Garden

The most striking thing to me about this robbery was the shape of the hole in the vault wall. And I’d
gone into Fagans with a poster for a Welsh Geoff gig designed around this hole. And Richard was
interested in it and we got talking.

In the course of this he told me his wife came from Gilfach Goch, which is just over the mountain
from where I was born. He actually said Gilfach ‘Gotch’, an authenticity test which of course
I passed.

But in truth I was struggling to remember exactly where Gilfach Goch is and started rambling
about the Valleys in general. And this got us on to the Swansea Valley and some of the great
bluesmen that used to live up there.

I recalled a little old guy, name of Hurt, from way up the Valley - small place called Avalon. And I
was surprised that Richard knew all about him - though not that he had a booking at the Adelphi Hotel
in Wind St in Swansea (this would have been about 1967) that he never quite made, dying a few
months beforehand.

Anyway, in my youth I was very fond of Mr Hurt’s tunes and the pub conversation set me wondering
about what he might have played at the Adelphi Hotel - perhaps something very like the next song -
which alludes to an incident in the gang wars in Swansea’s Dockland in the 1950s.

And then it’s hard to stop and I got thinking ‘If I could make the interval - which might just need a bit
more out of the MZ up Clodhall Lane - what would I have floor-sung there? Something small to start -
perhaps this:

Then, if I had the banjo (which admittedly doesn’t travel well on the MZ), perhaps something
more expansive - maybe this:

[Those of a leftist disposition will spot this last relates to Lewis Jones’ second great novel, which I
think should have been titled ‘What Men’, and perhaps would have been if he’d lived to see it published.]

Which brings me to the new CD 'ZB34', which is somewhat based on the above and is very nearly done now.
The tracks are decided, recorded and edited. And burned, with slight variations, into some test CDs.
So it now comes down to deciding which is best. This was much easier when the cat was alive.