Welsh Geoff     "Legendary"   -   Roy Blackman

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Geoff comes from Swansea and these days lives in Derbyshire. He writes unusual songs
and performs sporadically around Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and sometimes
farther afield.

...finds the strange in the ordinary...    Paul Davenport, Stirrings 2010.

...by turns wistful, eccentric and very funny...    Julia Armstrong, Sheffield Star 2013.

...absolutely blinding...    Frank Hennessy, BBC Celtic Heartbeat 2016.

So we're nearly into May. I try to avoid performing (bookings anyway) in the summer,
aside from the odd festival. But I don't mind being asked - try welsh.geoff@gmail.com
By the way, I'm one of several Welsh Geoffs on the web - I have no association with
Twitter, Facebook, Urban Dictionary, or anything like this.
PS And thanks to all who came to the Shakespeare in Sheffield on Easter Sunday.
It wasn't a large audience, but you were very generous.