Welsh Geoff     "Legendary"   -   Roy Blackman

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Geoff comes from Swansea and these days lives in Derbyshire. He writes unusual songs
and performs sporadically around Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and sometimes
farther afield.

...finds the strange in the ordinary...    Paul Davenport, Stirrings 2010.

...by turns wistful, eccentric and very funny...    Julia Armstrong, Sheffield Star 2013.

...absolutely blinding...    Frank Hennessy, BBC Celtic Heartbeat 2016.

I thought it was time to write something new here but I was interviewed, a week or so
ago, by Bill Allerton - so I'll direct you to this instead. You can find it by typing
something like "urban tiger radio - player fm" into google. Or you can click the link
below - which might work.

link to radio here